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The Essence of being a Woman

As a first time mom, in this very miraculous stage of my life I will be writing this blog in order to keep track of all the the adventures that I will have through out my pregnancy, whether it be ups or downs, in order to share my experiences with other mothers out there, and also to my parents and relatives who will sure be excited reading about it.
Our baby is due on April 11,2013 as far as of being excited for the coming of our baby me and my hubby are so blessed and honored to bare and nurture our child with lots of love & care .9 months is such a long wait, but going through this journey with my hubby will bring great pleasure and bring our relationship in a much more closer bond in order to prepare ourselves for parenthood.
Being a parent is not an easy task, raising a child don’t come with rules and there’s no way of turning back ones you get there. Their are physical and emotional needs that must be met and failure to do these things can bring a serious problem.
We thank God for entrusting us this wonderful miracle of life which no one could ever give to us, and for choosing us to be the parents of a child because He knows we wont let Him down.
Hope you enjoy our journey:)
(It has been a little late on posting this blog for some reasons but I gathered and have written down all the details in preparation to making this.)
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